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dimanche 7 mars 2010

H&M garden green

vernis vert pale . 3 couches sur la photo , j'adore ce vert très doux . C'est un vernis de la collection Hello Kitty by H&M .
Je n'ai pas fait de deco dessus ,je n'ai pas eu le temps je suis en plein préparatifs pour mes vacances je pars dans une semaine (enfin la je serais déjà dans l'avion ) destination Tokyo !!!

pale green varnish. 3 layers on the photo, I love the green very sweet. It is a lacquer of Hello Kitty collection by H & M.
I have'nt made deco , I have not the time I'm in full preparation for my vacation I'm leaving in a week (at last I'd been on the plane) Destination Tokyo!

11 commentaires:

  1. I have this one and I love it! Does it get any cuter!? Do you have the pink one as well?
    Tokyo sounds so nice, *jealous*

  2. I love this color and the HK bottle is adorable!

  3. Hi! I don't know if you've already been tagged or not, but I nominated you for a best blog award. For more deets here's my post-


  4. michele : yes this color is so cute !! i don(t have pink but i think next time i go to H&M i buy it !!
    perry pie : thank i'm so happy to go there
    evilangel : thanks lovely color , i love HK me too
    seeingsunshine yhanks for tagg me :)

  5. Oh, are going to Tokyo? That's nailart paradise!My sister in law lives there, she sends me nailart magazines every now and than. You should buy yourself a few, like "Nail Venus" and "Nail Up". Great inspiration!!Have fun!

  6. manicure time : yes i'm going on TOKYO !! i go buy this magazines !! if i find them lol :D

  7. I wanted to buy the Garden Green but got the pink version instead. Just swatched it in my blog. I love the colour as equally as the green!

  8. MISSY EM : i'm gooing to see your blog :) i love the green but i don't have the pink !!


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